Modern Goldsmith is on a mission to change the status quo.
  • We only sell lab-grown diamonds and sustainable diamond alternatives.
  • Our precious metals are 100% recycled. 
  •  Made by goldsmiths in the USA.

     Founded in 2012, we are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


      High-Quality. Sustainable. Conflict-Free. 

      There is much to be uneasy about when it comes to mined diamonds—conflict in war-torn countries, environmental impact, and even grossly inflated pricing.

      We wanted to take the uneasiness out of the equation. This is why we only use lab-grown diamonds and sustainable alternatives such as moissanite. 

      While many large jewelry corporations are reluctant to embrace these standards, we fully believe the future of the jewelry industry has arrived—a bright, eco-friendly, and sustainable future.



      We want you to feel confident when purchasing from our site—that's why we're giving you access to your own personal goldsmith! 
      A goldsmith is a metalworker who has spent years refining their craft, thus also gaining a unique perspective of what goes into making high-quality jewelry.
      Have a question? Ask a goldsmith!


      Custom jewelry is our forte. Work with us from start to finish to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. To get started, simply contact us with your idea and we'll provide a free quote.
      Want to tweak a design in our shop? Everything in our shop can be customized. Simply fill out our customization form to learn more.